Latest economic freedom report places New Mexico in worst quartile (again)

A lack of economic freedom (and dynamism) is among New Mexico’s defining characteristics. The latest (2023) edition of the Canada-based Fraser Institute’s “Index of Economic Freedom of North America” again places New Mexico in the “least free” quadrant.

In fact, after a modest improvement to 43rd in the 2022 edition of the Index, New Mexico slid back two spots to 45th overall.

This is no surprise to us at the Rio Grande Foundation as New Mexico is in the midst of a once-in-history oil and gas revenue boom. Sadly, rather than reducing tax burdens and working to grow New Mexico’s private sector, the Gov. and Legislature have mostly just grown the size of government.


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One Reply to “Latest economic freedom report places New Mexico in worst quartile (again)”

  1. Oh boy! This is a carefully selected definition of economic freedom. I’m pretty sure there are a number of red States at the bottom too. But I recently saw a report that discussed state and local taxes in some of the red states like Florida that are at the top supposedly of the economic freedom chart. If those are considered sometimes these states
    aren’t quite as free.

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