LFC report: More education spending is not leading to significant boost for students

With a great deal of attention focused on MLG’s plan to foist unwanted electric vehicles on New Mexicans one could be forgiven for almost missing this story from KRQE Channel 13. The story addresses a new report from the Legislature’s own internal think tank, the Legislative Finance Committee.

According to KRQE (quoting) LFC analysts, while money going into education has increased, student enrollment has decreased about 1% each year for the last few years. “Given the demographics and projections that we’re hearing, we don’t see that recovering in the near future either.”

Said Sen. George Muñoz (D-Gallup), “Roughly $6 billion we’re pumping into our public education system better, and we’ve got zero to show for it.” You can read the LFC report here. 

Among the numerous problems cited is “chronic absenteeism.” Sadly, New Mexico is pouring more and more money into a system that is serving fewer students. Even a “free” system can’t get students to attend.

It’s long past time for needed reforms to allow school choice (like Arizona) AND enact Mississippi-style reforms.

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3 Replies to “LFC report: More education spending is not leading to significant boost for students”

  1. Alas, as we all know, public schools in NM are primarily run for the benefit of the employees and not the students. This is the reason that there is no connection between budget amount and student achievement

  2. Give all a raise and expect a better outcome? I know this young woman. She attained an Education degree from UNM. Can’t pass the stupid test but is still a teacher somehow. I agree with Charles. Not surprised outcomes are so horrible.

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