New Mexico education reform: why not just “do” Mississippi?

At Rio Grande Foundation we have closely followed Mississippi’s recent education success.  As we noted we discuss in a blog post AND our podcast (to name two) Mississippi largely followed the plan put forth by former Gov. Susana Martinez which was NEVER implemented by New Mexico’s Democrat-controlled Legislature.

We’re not the only New Mexico think tank to find Mississippi intriguing, Think New Mexico’s latest report also takes on New Mexico’s broken K-12 education system and cites positive results in Mississippi as a model to consider. With the horrendous recent NAEP scores in which New Mexico was dead last in all categories, it certainly seems worth considering.

The latest NAEP 4th grade reading scores further highlight the stark contrast between Mississippi’s success and New Mexico’s failure.


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4 Replies to “New Mexico education reform: why not just “do” Mississippi?”

  1. I’ve seen seen all my life. It’s nothing new that NM is always last. They pump so much tax payer money into education but it never improves. Where does all that money go? I’ve talked to teachers in the past and they say it all goes to the top heavy administration.

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