Natural gas is lowest cost way to heat your home

Sen. Martin Heinrich’s Twitter feed you might believe that natural gas is the dirtiest fuel known to humankind, not one of the cleanest.

Heinrich (and AG Hector Balderas) both oppose natural gas for home heating and cooking on environmental grounds. Heinrich even attempts to claim that electricity is a cheaper means of heating your home.

But, the US Department of Energy just released a new report stating that natural gas IS indeed MUCH cheaper than electricity for heating one’s home. As seen below, natural gas at $12.09 per million Btu is more than three times cheaper than electricity at $41.79 per million Btu.

This is obvious to anyone who has lived with both types of heat, but it is good to see Heinrich’s misinformation refuted by none other than the federal Department of Energy (yet again).


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4 Replies to “Natural gas is lowest cost way to heat your home”

  1. 2-22-22 OK, update. Stopped at (our propane supplier) today and obtained a printout of PROPANE delivery since building 10.5 years ago. We have had 11 deliveries totaling $2498, or about $208 per year, average. That’s pretty righteous, actually ($17.35/mo or 0.58/day.) We know everyone lives differently.
    Our EPEC bill averaged a tad over $100 per month in 2021 . (24 solar panels, at high-rate return) – (Do Not Pay is a great note on a bill!).

    We have a 3400 sf home at 5300′ AMSL in southern NM. Two gas furnaces, two gas-start fireplaces (Rumford boxes), two Rennai in-line water heaters, 6-burner gas range, gas Generac, all on propane. Keep temp in upper 60s in winter, mid-70s summer. (Also have two evaporation coolers). The cost (if available) for natural gas (including main and service extensions and conversions) would not be reasonable, nor recoverable. And the absolute worst thing I can imagine is an all-electric home; they tried it in El Paso years ago; unmitigated disaster, as was the attempted conversion to “renewables” in Australia, England, and others
    Until those —– can sell me a battery in a suitcase that will power my house and truck for 7 days and 2000 miles, recharge in 2 hours, last 5+ years, sells for less than $1,000, prefer politicians go peddle their snake oil elsewhere.

    (I have been a land planner/developer for 40+ years – And a registered democrat for 50+, albeit a devoted Jeffersonian Democrat, or Federalist)

  2. A single point of failure is never a good ides. All electric is a bad idea from an economic security and national security perspective, not to mention that in one’s personal residents if there is no electricity you might freeze to death.

  3. I clicked on Heinrich’s twitter feed above and saw the “perils of cooking with gas,” along with a lot of other nonsense. What he wants is a government takeover of the power industries, just like Leftists in the Sierra Club and in other organizations have been writing about since at least the 1950s. The end game for them is for us to freeze in the winter and burn up in the summer. Plus, they make a lot of money off of selling bad ideas that don’t work. Look at Al Gore, a middle class man until he was made rich by selling the snake oil of Climate Change.

  4. ALL well stated ! What we desperately need is to get rid of morons
    like Hindlick, not gas energy use. Somebody should check to see if he actually has a credible environmental degree as he claims.

    And don’t get me started about Al Gore. He credits himself for the advent of the internet. Does he also lay claim to AlGoreRhythms ?

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