New Mexico falls further behind in latest economic freedom report

According to the 2021 edition of the Economic Freedom Index of North America report from the free market Canadian think tank Fraser Institute, New Mexico, in calendar year 2019 (the first year of the Lujan Grisham Administration), slid from 42nd (in last year’s report which used data from the final year of the Martinez Adm.) down to 46th.

While New Mexico has long lagged its neighbors and most of the nation in economic freedom, the 2019 legislative session saw a massive uptick in government spending, tax hikes, newly-imposed regulations, and numerous other policies that make New Mexico less business-friendly. All of New Mexico’s neighbors are among the most economically-free states in the nation.

Not surprisingly, most economically-free half of jurisdictions have higher incomes than do the least economically-free jurisdictions like New Mexico. It is not surprising that New Mexico is among the most impoverished states in the nation.

New Hampshire, Tennessee, Florida, and Texas, were among the MOST economically-free states in the latest report (full rankings below) while California and New York were among the few states that trailed New Mexico. Click on either image in this post for the FULL report:

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3 Replies to “New Mexico falls further behind in latest economic freedom report”

  1. I didn’t view how the information was compiled, but I’ll assume it’s fairly accurate. Living & owned businesses here in New Mexico it’s quite true it’s an onerous place to do business….any licensing agency here always wants to fine you or cite you under threats of pulling your license. Even though Oregon was not ranked much better…the business I owned in Portland…. everything was easier to do with less hassle & licensing authorities there welcomed you to conferences & went out of their way to help businesses remain compliant without continual threats over truly minor issues.

  2. New Mexico has always been an anti- business state. Our politicians do all they can to keep this poor state’s population around 2 million. Our most talented students relocate out of state for better employment opportunities. Politicians big on illegal plastic bag bans while we have record murder’s. The state’s crime and lack of political leadership make it difficult for a business to want to come to NM.

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