New Mexico “lays an egg” on Nation’s Education Report Card

The National Assessment of Educational Progress is a nationally-administered test. Unlike the test the state administers, NAEP doesn’t change when a new administration takes over so it is a MUCH better measure of educational performance over time.
The first post-COVID results were JUST RELEASED (on Monday, October 24) and for locked down New Mexico the results are not pretty. New Mexico saw dramatic COVID-related declines which are reflected in the 2022 scores below, but more importantly came in dead last in all four categories (4th grade math/reading and 8th grade math/reading). Those scores placed New Mexico 51st across the board in ALL categories tested. 


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8 Replies to “New Mexico “lays an egg” on Nation’s Education Report Card”

  1. Here’s the link to the article chart so that you can see it better:

    1 NM scores are the worst in the country in each of the 4 categories (even worse than DC).
    2 Here are the NM scores: 4th grade math,221, (-10);4th grade reading, 202,(-5); 8th grade math, 259, (-10) and 8th grade reading, 248, (-4).
    3 There are 10 points per grade which means NM 4th and 8th grade math students lost an entire year of learning.
    4 Be sure to compare NM results with those states that stayed pretty much wide-open, TX, SD and FL. There appears to be a strong correlation between length of school shutdowns and results.
    5 As usual, NM results are worse than all the surrounding 5 states.
    6 Be sure to vote for the Dems so that they can continue doing their fine job of educating NM’s children.

    1. At least the children are alive and didn’t die at a higher rate than those states that stayed open. A live child can catch up, a child who died from Covid will never have a chance.
      Be thankful.

      1. If you have any data showing that I’d love to have it because I have seen nothing at all showing that locking children out of school had a positive impact on death rates.

  2. Nothing new here. The weak get weaker when a disaster strikes.

    Bill Soules, chair of the Senate Finance Committee, will not, for reasons of political self-preservation, address one of the two major problems, elementary school teachers ignorant of the four subjects which they are tasked to teach as foundations for further schooling. The inability to teach students to learn to read means, after fourth grade, that they cannot read to learn. If Soules does not spend big bucks on programs which hire more teachers but the benefits of which are unproven and on raises in teacher salaries without asking for anything in return, he would lose the votes of his main supporters.

  3. I am a retired APS teacher and now substitute teach for APS.

    1) Social Promotion Must Stop
    2) PED student Allotments Must be attached to the student as
    Arizona has recently put in place.
    3) The new Secretary of Ed. should immediately return to as
    many of Hanna Skandera’s policies as possible: ie Bonus Pay
    for excellence in achievement & grades for teachers.
    4) State-wide policy must be enacted in which each school has an
    agreement with each parent outlining the parent’s
    commitment to provide specific actions supporting their
    student’s learning achievement.
    5) Eliminate APS area supervisors & return authority to
    6) A detailed Plan to break-up APS into three or 4 districts by

  4. New teachers use the “methodology/theories of education presented by the Institutes they attend. Present day Education Professors lack teaching experience at the K-12 grade level. Therefore, are still using lectures to promote the propaganda tainted lessons presented to our children. Example: 80% of children learned to read successfully using phonic’s methodology, so it was chased out by the NEW/BETTER sight methodology. ( Most men of the 40’s had a 8th grade education and many graduated, and they build the most successful, prosperous country and fought the great wars. ) Ask who was the greatest/best teachers in your school and people will quickly answer, many with stories about their class. Yet, these are NOT the teachers teaching teachers! These are NOT the teachers on State/ Education advisory boards. These teachers are ignored/excluded by local school boards! These teachers are ignored or worse condemned by College Professors/Politicians for their outdated, harsh, exaggerated expectations and methodology. In case you think this is too harsh, there are great professors in Colleges, however, the greatest Educators have come from the ranks of highly respected teachers with hands on classroom experience. Solution: Pull those great teachers/ principals/coaches together and working with today’s greatest create a curriculum using basic methodology, with safety nets such as in class assistants, physical therapist, social workers, playground coach, cafeteria coordinator, full time nurse, and a Principal and Assistant with required time to be in classrooms, on the playground, and conference time. Today’s Principals’ time is commandeered by “Central Office/Down Town business, thus cutting into student/ teacher contact hours.
    So many will cry it won’t work today, old fashion, won’t work with present day generation teachers/parents/students, doesn’t work with todays society changes/politics, etc.
    What we have today is failing our children!

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