New Mexico remains dead-last in latest “Kids Count” report (despite Voices spin)

Sadly, but yet again, the annual Kids Count published by the Annie E. Casey Foundation¬† in partnership with left-wing Voices for Children, has found New Mexico dead last in their report. The latest findings are unsurprising given New Mexico’s performance has been either 49th or 50th since 2012.

What IS amusing to watch is the ongoing effort by Voices to “put lipstick on the pig” by highlighting the positives in the report. We have previously commented on the Voices’ spin. Now that a “progressive” Democrat and Legislature are in firm control of New Mexico they think something positive should be happening (and it should be given New Mexico’s ongoing oil and gas boom).

There are numerous variables considered in the report but contrary to generous reports in the media, 9 variables worsened while only 6 improved.

By far the biggest area of concern is education which has seen an influx of spending in recent years, but saw stark declines in performance, especially in 8th grade math which fell by 8 percentage points. This can at least partially be attributed to the Gov. COVID lockdowns, but that won’t be discussed by the media or Voices.