On this week’s Tipping Point NM episode 283 we discuss NM’s COVID-19 Improvement, Unemployment, Tax Hikes, Marijuana, Electric Reliability and More

On this week’s conversation, Paul and Wally discuss the fact that New Mexico’s COVID situation continues to improve. More counties are moving into turquoise, green, etc.

When will the Gov. relinquish her powers? There’s no indication of that. Paul works out with a mask on for the first time. The mainstream media is starting to acknowledge that lockdowns haven’t done anything to improve COVID outcomes.

NM unemployment rate is 8.7%, 48th in the nation. There is a clear pattern among the lowest and highest unemployment states.

The New Mexico Legislature is coming down the stretch with its conclusion on Saturday, here are some bills/issues to watch:

HB 291 is an economically-harmful tax hike. Recent changes make it even worse. Plus, why is the Legislature considering raising taxes with a surplus AND federal money flowing into NM?

The mandatory paid sick leave bill, HB 20 is likely to pass. It is headed to the Senate. The bill makes no exceptions for small businesses. According to the New Mexico Chamber of Commerce, it would apply to babysitters, a leaf-raker hired for a single day’s work or a mom-and-pop shop with one part-time employee. All employees would accrue at least one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked, capping at 64 hours annually. It wouldn’t apply to government workers.

SB 42 pension bailout for the Education Retirement Board is unhelpful. 

HB 4 Civil Rights Act ready for final passage in Senate.

The Legislature still hasn’t passed a budget although initial appearances are that the Senate will go with pay hikes for state employees. Could there be a special session?

SB 130 which would have mandated that 75% of New Mexico’s fleet vehicles be electric failed in committee over the weekend:

No action will be taken this session on constraining Gov.’s powers. No bills OR the constitutional amendment are moving.

Trouble for HJR 1 pre-K amendment and pot legalization?

Rail Runner took a year off but you’d never know from looking at their budget.

What energy sources REALLY failed a few weeks ago in Texas?