Record oil production for US and New Mexico (despite political hostility)

Recently none other than the liberal Vox analyzed the way in which the Biden Administration is reacting to the fact that American oil and gas production has hit record levels. It is absolutely true and the Biden Administration is not thrilled with it. In fact, they have tried to thwart the industry in numerous ways (killing Keystone XL, slowing permitting, stopping LNG permits, and subsidizing alternative energy to name a few).

But, the world demands energy and oil and gas have filled the bill.

And of course New Mexico, the 2nd-leading oil producing state in the nation, continues to increase oil production. December of 2023 saw a record 60 million barrels of oil produced in New Mexico according to the Energy Information Administration.

This not only highlights the ultimate futility of shoveling subsidies into other energy sources, but how misguided New Mexico policymakers truly are when they refuse to embrace bold tax and economic reforms due to some future decline in the oil and gas industries.