RGF finally got Gov. MLG’s travel to Europe for COP 26

Since November of 2021 when Gov. Lujan Grisham went over to Scotland for the big COP 26 conference on climate change, we’ve been wondering who specifically paid for her trip and how the Gov. and her staff got there.

While the best we could get on who paid for the trip is something called “Climate Registry,” a non-profit that grew out of the California Climate Action Registry, which is discussed (along with the Gov.’s entourage) in this article, we FINALLY have the details on the Gov.’s travel.

In summary, MLG flew coach from Albuquerque to Dallas, “premium economy” to London,  and the equivalent of business class (known as Club Europe) from London to Gatwick in Scotland. The total cost of her flights was $1,808.97.

You can find details on the Gov.’s plane ticket here.

The graphic below IS NOT the Gov.’s itinerary, rather it was pulled off the British Airways site today to give an understanding of the differences between the various flight classes.

We don’t begrudge the Gov. for not flying coach or for even flying in the first place and her hypocrisy is not as bad as those who flew their private jets over to Europe for the conference. We just wish the Gov. would acknowledge the tremendous benefits offered by oil and gas as she flew off to work against them and the industry that does so much for the State she governs.