Seriously, if Top Golf can open, what about Cliffs, Hinkle, and many more?

People who know the Rio Grande Foundation know that Paul Gessing enjoys playing golf. We made it clear that re-opening shuttered golf courses was a no-brainer early on in COVID. But, we (along with Mayor Keller) opposed over-generous subsidies for Top Golf.

But, now that the place is apparently going to open to the public THIS FRIDAY. And, in addition to appreciating having another OPEN entertainment amenity in the Albuquerque area, it is good when ANY business can open in our City, even those receiving subsidies.

But, ask yourself: how is hitting range balls in a stall any COVID safer than riding a roller coaster or playing at an open water area? As noted in my Albuquerque Journal column on the subject a vast majority of states across the nation have opened amusement parks.

So, if Top Golf can really open, I’m sure Cliffs and Hinkle will open as well, right? NOTE: Gessing has been to a few Top Golf facilities. Like most outdoor entertainment options you can make it COVID safe or unsafe depending on numerous factors.

Coronavirus: Topgolf closes all locations across the U.S.