Tipping Point Episode 192: New Mexico is on Lockdown until May 15 – Is There a Plan?

The Rio Grande Foundation and Power the Future have launched a new website, FairlyOpen NM. New Mexicans can sign the petition urging Gov. Lujan Grisham to create a clearly administered fair and open process for opening up New Mexico’s economy. If a Home Depot or Lowe’s can be opened, how about a nursery, church, or other business? Decisions should be based on clear data presented openly not broad assertions of government power.

MLG places NM on lockdown until May 15, Grants Mayor, where is the economic plan? Great editorials in ABQ Journal the past few days on ABQ BernCo fairy tale budgets and reopening NM.

One business owner’s challenge in opening her business: https://errorsofenchantment.com/guest-column-madelyn-jones-on-saving-her-bridal-store-in-the-age-of-corona-virus/

Egolf, “We face ‘the most significant budget deficit in state history.”

NY Times cascade of bad journalism leads us to appear in another article: https://errorsofenchantment.com/plastics-wont-save-oil-and-gas-sector/

A Michael Moore film worth watching makes a devastating case against so-called “green energy”: https://errorsofenchantment.com/a-michael-moore-film-worth-watching/

Under NM State law it is actually illegal for stores to limit purchases of individual items by customers.

Liberty on Quarantine our new effort will involve US Senate candidates starting with Gavin Clarkson this Thursday evening.

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3 Replies to “Tipping Point Episode 192: New Mexico is on Lockdown until May 15 – Is There a Plan?”

  1. I understand the lowes/home depot they can limit capcity to 25%
    I am catholic its just to difficult to limit I’m not saying it can’t be done. I believe the place that had the parking lot services had the right. I understand the frustration, but can not go from 1 extreme to another. I have a brother in-law in michigan he says they can’t even go out to cut the lawn. That is the extreme over reach by a government. But on the other hand to say that all businesses should open No that is the other extreme. I believe it should not be a 1 size fits all opening. We need to have basic Guidelines if a business wants to open if they meet those Guidelines then they should open. For example salons feet hair I don’t know how that would open but I say if they can come up with a way they can follow things like social distancing and keeping everything sanity with in a reason of the contagiousness this virus. I say go for it. But we can not create a backlash of opposite thinking just to protest what we don’t think is fair. I believe there are some Genuine concerns about both Freedom / civil liberties and the problem which is real. 1st the problem is real there are many people dying so when I see someone not practicing all the suggestions in public I understand they have a right to what they believe but I do have a right to follow them. Thing is the virus spreads from 1 to another so their Choice affects me. That would be like two people traped somewhere with limited oxygen and one says this is your half of the air this mine I’m going to exercise and do what I want with my part. (from tv show Get Smart) On the other hand and extreme We have to keep an eye on Government like with 911 some get the power they tend to like to keep it. Please keep up your efforts but always precurse it with there is a need for some of the guidelines. Thank you I respect your concerns but this world seems to be people preaching to their own choirs.

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