Tipping Point episode 305: Are Electric Blackouts on the way to New Mexico and more

As Covid continues to recede as an issue along with the lockdowns, the main remaining issue is masking children. The excellent tracking site at Burbio shows who is requiring masks for kids and who isn’t. New Mexico remains among the more stringent states.

The New Mexico Legislature allocated additional money this session to give local school districts money to extend their school years. A significant number of districts (thanks to pressure from parents and families) have opted out. Paul and Wally discuss what could be causing this.

Paul briefly mentions a scandal involving CYFD. Here and here are recent articles discussing the issue from RGF’s perspective.

The City of ABQ is set to reinstate its plastic bag ban on August 1.

Finally, based on a report from Bloomberg which says that Western states could be suffering from electricity blackouts THIS summer, Paul is concerned about the reliability of New Mexico’s power grid. Of course, with San Juan Generating Station scheduled to be decommissioned in ONE year, Paul is even more worried about future summers. Paul and Wally discuss and attempt to figure out when we’ll know if the plan to save San Juan via carbon sequestration will move forward.