Tipping Point episode 309: Media Mistakes, Oil & Gas Moratorium, Censorship, Space Race and more

On this week’s conversation, Paul and Wally discuss several important news items that the media got wrong in advance of the 2020 election.

Sen. Joe Manchin opposes ending the filibuster and the passage of the awful HR 1 through Congress.

24 New Mexico Democrats support Biden’s moratorium on federal oil and gas permitting. At the same time, New Mexico’s revenues are up $350 million thanks largely to oil and gas and the price being over $70 a barrel. The industry continues to thrive despite the number of drilling rigs being down. Biden is also opposed to oil and gas in Alaska and the Keystone XL pipeline is dead. Paul and Wally discuss the issues w/ oil and gas.

RGF was recently censored by Youtube.

Richard Branson wants to launch out of Spaceport America as soon as Independence Day weekend to beat Jeff Bezos to space.

Is inflation back? Free buses in Albuquerque and Enchant Energy will experience delays as it moves to implement carbon capture technology to keep San Juan Generating Station open.

Finally, Paul was recently in Idaho to meet with occasional Tipping Point guest Grover Norquist.