Tipping Point episode 325: COVID-19, Electric Cars, Soccer Stadium, ABQ Homicides, and Campaign Finance

NM vaccine mandate for state employees. Gov. and numerous other Democrat legislators, US senators/reps, and legislators send letter “asking” businesses to require vaccination for employees AND customers. Will this lead to fraudulent vaccine cards?

7 day moving average COVID deaths as of August 8, 465. In January that was 3,500. Aside from a month ago or so the ONLY time we had lower numbers of COVID deaths in the USA was in late March of 2020. NM death rate remains 13th-highest. Much-criticized Florida is 26th highest. Dr. Michael Osterholm who was one of Biden’s top COVID advisors recently made waves saying cloth masks don’t really work.  Floyd and Cloudcroft school districts stand up to the Gov. on masking kids and Floyd is suspended.

MLG is coming for your car again (clean fuel standards upcoming session) Also, On top of that the State is now involved in rule-making to require that between 7 and 10% of vehicles sold in NM by 2025 will have to be “zero emissions.”

A new taxpayer-financed stadium for the United Soccer team is on the ballot this fall: In public comment, critics outnumbered supporters about 13 to 1.

City of Albuquerque matches record w/ 81 homicides, RGF visits and photographs sites near the planned stadium.

RGF “loses” battle in war over campaign finance: 10th circuit Court of appeals claimed we didn’t have standing in a campaign finance case involving Santa Fe Soda Tax.