Tipping Point New Mexico Episode 243: COVID update, Church canceled, Avengrid, Unemployment and Voting

The Gov. has some new COVID orders. While Paul and Wally both acknowledge that these are more focused on problem areas than her previous orders were, the Gov. has backed herself into a corner in addressing the Virus. Spread is FAR worse than it has been at any other time of this crisis.

To that end, the Catholic Church (Archdiocese of Santa Fe) canceled services moving forward on its own. As we near Halloween what about other important events including Christmas and the State Legislature? The good news is Virus deaths haven’t jumped at least yet.

Avangrid has reached a deal to purchase PNM. Paul and Wally discuss and note that Thursday’s podcast will discuss this in-depth.

According to Wallethub New Mexico’s unemployment rate remains among the least recovered among US states. New Mexico’s September unemployment rate was also higher than any of the State’s neighbors.

In the final presidential debate, Joe Biden said “We are going to transition away from oil and gas. Stop subsidizing the industry.” Wally and Paul discuss the second part of that statement.

Finally, Paul and Wally both voted this past week. They discuss how they avoided the long lines some experienced and who they voted for in the presidential election.