Tipping Point New Mexico Episode 269: Back to School, 60 Day Leasing Ban, Good, Bad and Ugly Bills at Legislature

On this week’s episode, Paul and Wally discuss the fact that New Mexico schools will soon reopen in a hybrid format. This is good news, but Wally and Paul do have questions. Other “blue” states have reopened as well and the Lobos and Aggies sports teams have been allowed to come back to NM, but what about football and other fall high school sports?

Biden oil leasing ban on federal lands 60 days; Shocking how quickly that came about & Deb Haaland isn’t even sworn in yet.

Paul wants to put some facts on the table as the session rolls forward.

RGF has a day in court defending free speech.

Paul and Wally go through some of the worst bills introduced SO FAR in the 2021 session. House and Senate listed here. Paul talks about the challenges of testifying and citizen involvement in the session.

RGF’s Freedom Index is tracking votes right now.