Tipping Point NM episode 217: COVID-19, Schools, Restaurants, Mask Shaming, Oil and Gas, Single-Payer Health Care

On this week’s discussion podcast, Paul and Wally start out by providing a quick update on the back and forth in the Courts regarding dining at restaurants. The Environment Department releases data seemingly showing that restaurants ARE a primary source of COVID 19 spread, but further analysis of the data indicates otherwise.

This dovetails with a discussion of Gov. MLG’s latest orders which shut schools shut down for in-person learning until after Labor Day.

In a finger waving press conference the Gov. shames New Mexicans…“I can see you at the airports. I can see you on Facebook….”

Despite the Gov.’s aggressive stances and return to a more locked-down situation, according to Wallethub we are “only” the 42ndmost open state in the US.

Heather MacDonald’s piece in May/June Imprimis published by Hillsdale College is worth reading about the COVID 19 madness.

A chart from the New York Times shows that homeschooling is not just for the well-off.

Private schools will have to adhere to portions of MLG’s orders, but will they? Paul sees potential conflict between the State and schools.

What’s the latest on oil and gas production in NM? Paul and the folks at the Foundation wondered.

Santa Fe New Mexican profiles Carol Wight of the New Mexico Restaurant Association.

Single-payer health care in New Mexico would be very expensive according to the findings of a new report commissioned by the Legislature.