Tipping Point NM episode 287: COVID-19 Improvements, Marijuana Special Session, Legislation That Wasn’t, and More

On this week’s podcast, Paul and Wally discuss the fact that more NM counties continue to improve on COVID.

Cliffs Amusement Park is set to reopen on May 8. Hinkle Family Fun Center is still not open but is hiring. How easy will it be for these businesses to find employees with all the “free” money floating around?

Arizona and Utah remove nearly all COVID restrictions.

Two weeks after opening Texas continued to see a decline in COVID cases.

In Texas when the State dropped its mask mandate on March 10 there were 5,350 new cases and a rolling 7 day average of 4,909. By March 28 there were 3,293 new cases and a rolling 7 day of 4,005.

In New Mexico which remains relatively locked down and with a mask mandate in place, on March 10 there were 249 new cases and a rolling 7 day of 227.

By March 28 in NM there were 161 new cases with 7 day rolling average of 188.

New Mexico’s Special Session begins Tuesday. Thankfully only two issues on agenda, but timing is awkward and politically-motivated.

Who did well or poorly on the Freedom Index?

State Sen. Mark Moores gets GOP nod for GOP in CD1

Paul and Wally discuss several issues left undiscussed during the 2021 session:

Right to Work;
Reduction of or elimination of New Mexico’s income tax;
Reforming the GRT;
Occupational licensing reform;
Eliminate film subsidies;
Consider new approaches to Rail Runner and Spaceport;
Ambitious school choice/efforts to empower parents to choose education that makes sense for their child;
Higher education reform;
Repeal ETA or institute rate caps to make sure utilities don’t increase rates rapidly.

14 states are suing Biden on oil/gas moratorium, but not New Mexico even though we are the State most impacted.

Finally, we discuss teacher bashing.