Tipping Point NM episode 576: Pushing Against Bad Bills, Federal LNG Permits Paused, Texas Border and more

Paul was recently in Ruidoso to talk about government regulations and EV mandates at a Conservative Conference. Other speakers include James Lindsay and Sheriff Richard ClarkeBen Luna organized the event.

RGF has continued its work in Santa Fe, mostly pushing back against bad bills. Here are a few:

HB 41: Clean Fuel Standard (soon to be on house floor)

HB 133 opens up the New Mexico Oil and Gas Act which has governed the industry for decades and enacts language pushed by environmental groups that will have the effect of increasing regulations to the point where small operators can’t do business in New Mexico.

HB 48 would dramatically increase “royalties” (taxes) on the oil and gas industry which already generates huge amounts for New Mexico.

HB 140: EV subsidies.

Related to what is going on at the Texas Border:

U.S. President Joe Biden on Friday paused approvals for pending and future applications to export liquefied natural gas (LNG)from new projects

Biden vetoes bipartisan bill on “Buy American Provisions” relating to EV’s.

New tires every 7,000 miles? Electric cars save gas but tire wear shocks some Florida drivers

MLG seeks federal funding to assist in the border crisis. Why?

New Jersey plastic bag ban actually causes tripling of plastic usage.