Trever nails Texas vs. NM comparison…again

ABQ Journal cartoonist John Trever’s cartoon (below) hits the nail on the head (again). RGF president Paul Gessing recently visited Texas and traveled from north to south. He has seen firsthand the booming economy of the Lone Star State.  The Texas economic model isn’t just about not regulating vehicles. They are also a Right to Work state, have a zero income tax, and spends MUCH less money than New Mexico. Also, a much higher percentage of the State’s citizens actually work. 

It’s no surprise that Texas continues to see a massive population influx while New Mexico’s population remains stagnant.

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13 Replies to “Trever nails Texas vs. NM comparison…again”

  1. Texas hasn’t experienced a “massive” increase in population. It has increased a little over 1% every year. Population in New Mexico has increased 8 out of 11 years from 2010 to 2021, but at a lesser rate.
    The assumption that population increase is always good and contributes to economic development that benefits everybody is a typical fallacy the Rio Grande Foundation likes to perpetuate. I really think if they dislike our state so much they should relocate their foundation in Texas.

  2. MLG and her fucking bullshit.EV,shove them up this administrations ass.We are not California ,yet this bitch thinks this state is made of money.take your fucking so called climate change and listen to the people.Yoh are destroying this state.Listen for a fucking minute,and if you don’t like the language, tough shit.Stop your California type government, governor.if will not work here and get the chip off your shoulder before if get knocked off.You are not a Queen.And your time is limited.

    1. Your right we don’t have all the regulations California has or the high tax rate. Plus we don’t have the unemployment that they have and all I’ve got to say is I’ve lived in California before I moved here 40 years ago and this is the best State if you don’t like it move to Texas. I lived there to they don’t have income tax but they tax the hell out of everything else

  3. Your hollow threats come from an anonymous, insecure individual. Lots of hate and no reasoning behind any of your nonsense.
    California has twice the GDP of Texas. It is about the fifth largest economy in the world and is also much larger than Russia and Florida. Most of the hate and nonsense folks like you love to put out there his generated by right wing media who are manipulating you. I hope you like being manipulated and looking the fool.

    1. You don’t know what you’re talking about. CA has lost millions of it’s population over the years because of this democrat gov. I lived in that place used to be beautiful. But these liberals have destroyed it. So stop with your Comparison of how big Ca is. It has lost its most important business people and replaced it with illegals you uneducated fool

    1. There are historical rivalries to be sure and some of that resentment is even justified, but jealousy is also not attractive or helpful and Texas is winning, New Mexico is losing.

  4. New Mexico has not had a Republican led legislature since Elvis Presley graduated from High School in 1954. Is it any wonder that we are last in everything. MLG is just another Democrat ruining our state.

  5. With all the highly educated Californians moving to Texas’ liberal cities the State will be be Blue very shortly.

    1. It has been on Democrats’ list of states to win for years. We shall see. I don’t think leftist candidates like Beto win the state. Maybe they can run some moderates.

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