279 COVID-19 Lockdowns Get New Level, Legislative Session, Space, Sports and More

The Gov. shifts the goalposts on COVID-19 again. Most of this is good news as NM reopens further including Hinkle, Cliffs, and (presumably ABQ Isotopes) can open right now.  Bars and clubs: can reopen indoors in the newly-created Turquoise level. Sports fields, concert venues, movie theaters, entertainment centers: can reopen indoor activities at 25% capacity in green level. New Mexico is the only state in which movie theaters cannot open.

Gov. continues mask mandate. No end in sight for Gov. emergency orders.

Gov. says she’d veto any restrictions on her authority. HJR 6 is the path forward.

Doña Ana, Eddy, McKinley, and Otero county are all in the Red Level. DA slipped back from Yellow to Red.

A new website is tracking school reopening throughout the US by State. You can access their information here. 

Paul has a brief conversation with Steve Dodson about little league and youth sports and the fact that they can’t compete still.

UNM fires ANOTHER basketball coach, Paul Weir. The athletic department is running a $12.4 million and $13.8 million deficit and is now going to pay for yet another coaching buyout ($500,000). UNM will pay $100,000 of the $275,000 Weir still owes New Mexico State University for breaking his contract there four years ago to take the Lobos job in 2017.

HB 4 Civil Rights Act passed the House (Egolf conflict of interest);

HB 20 Mandatory Paid Sick Leave passed House;

HB 12 Marijuana Legalization passed House;

House passes budget (HB2) passes the House with pay hikes for gov’t employees (also missed opportunity to hold teachers accountable).

Keep on top of things at ErrorsofEnchantment.com AND Freedom Index.

Virgin Galactic delays test flight to May to take care of technical issues, according to SpaceNews. The delay will push the company’s first space tourist flights to 2022. That means the facility which opened on October 18, 2011 will not have tourist flights in its first decade after opening:

Deb Haaland heard in the US Senate. Manchin’s support means she will be confirmed;

Footage of event w/ Kevin Hassett National Review Institute event is available online and will appear in podcast feed. Paul’s article at National Review:

Whatever happened to the RailRunner?