Episode 413: Close Governor’s Race, Unemployment, Homelessness Issues and more

The first polling on New Mexico’s Gov. race is out. No matter who you believe, the race is very close.

Paul was recently in Southeast New Mexico for several events. He also sat down with the Current-Argus to discuss the SE NM economy which is booming. While New Mexico’s economy is strong and plenty of jobs are available, the May state unemployment rates are out and for the 6th month in a row New Mexico has the highest rate. New Mexico’s unemployment rate is down to 5.1%.

Paul also met with Pastor Mark Green to discuss the homeless situation. Paul and Pastor Green had an interesting conversation that can be watched here.

The rain may have put out most of New Mexico’s awful forest fires, but the scars literally and figuratively remain. Even liberals acknowledge that the far-off federal government is a poor manager of the land.

Joining NM Senator Martin Heinrich, Joe Biden is coming after your gas furnace.

In order to conserve natural gas Germany is ramping up coal-fired electricity production.

Paul recently appeared in KOAT TV channel 7 on two issues dealing with the City of Albuquerque. New fees and the Council’s no-strings-attached “grant” to Planned Parenthood. 

Finally, the Albuquerque Schools’ per person budget is $27,000 per student.