Episode 516: Public and Green Banks?, Public Union Membership Plummets in NM post-Janus decision and more

Some interest groups are lobbying for a public bank in New Mexico. Others want a “green” bank. What’s going on with these proposals? 

Liability in the event of a disaster. The submarine loss raises questions for New Mexico about Spaceport and whether taxpayers could be on the hook in the event of a disaster. This is especially relevant as the first paying customers are set to fly out of Spaceport America this week.

Tuesday the 27th is the 5th anniversary of the Janus decision. New Mexico government employee unions saw the biggest decline in membership of any state thanks in part to RGF educational efforts.

New Mexico has $70.84 billion invested in various funds. It is not a poor state, but it is a poorly governed state:

ABQ City Council embraced casitas and rejected the “weak mayor” change for local government. Paul and Wally are pleased by the casita decision and understand the lack of willingness to switch governments. Also, RGF helped push Albuquerque Public Schools to publish their recent budgets.

Lujan Grisham wants feds to follow California’s lead on zero emission trucks. Here’s what that means.