New Mexico’s lost school year will decrease post-educational earning potential of children from poorest communities 25%

Last school year RGF made a BIG deal about getting New Mexico kids back into their classrooms (here, here, and here). New Mexico’s so-called “progressives” including the Governor herself didn’t do much until Spring of 2021 when she finally decided to return students to their classrooms.

Outgoing PED Secretary Ryan Stewart apparently attempted to float some innovative ideas on getting kids back to in-person school, but obviously the Gov. didn’t push it and the Districts who received their money regardless were simply unwilling or unable to innovate. So, New Mexico students lost more time in classrooms than all but 5 other states. Already in the 2021-2022 school year schools in a few districts have shut down for a time due to COVID. 

And now there’s  this  report  from  the  National  Bureau  of  Economic  Research.