Tipping Point New Mexico Episode 194: Fewer Restrictions Except for Gallup, Economic Recovery Council, Budgets, Data and Statistics in The Age of Coronavirus

Gov. Lujan Grisham has named her Economic Recovery Council. Paul and Wally have a lot of thoughts about this Council, the lack of openness in terms of their work, how to contact them, and what their role is in terms of policy analysis/ideas.

At least a few folks (legislators) are discussing the budget publicly. Paul and Wally discuss what these legislative leaders are saying.

MLG begins loosening restrictions along the lines of our original 8 points (except in the Four Corners);

Gov. MLG shuts down Gallup upon what authority? Turns out she has EXTREMELY broad power under New Mexico law. 

Grocery deliveries are taxed under NM’s Gross Receipts Tax. The issues behind it are complex, but it could cost you money if you have groceries delivered.

Finally, Paul and Wally discuss the importance of (and misuse of) data in the Coronavirus epidemic. The situation shows how data are misused in public policy discussions and how our education system fails to educate average Americans in the use of basic data.