Tipping Point NM episode 241: Economics, Taxes, Hospitals and COVID-19 Update

On this week’s discussion podcast, Paul and Wally discuss the rising number of COVID19 infections in New Mexico. The Gov. has planned a press conference later today. Paul argues that this rise is a result of the Gov.’s failed lockdown strategy and he expects more shutdowns.

While the number of cases has grown rapidly, the number of deaths has not…at least not yet. Paul argues that this may be due to more effective treatment techniques and suggests a mitigation strategy may be better than a lockdown strategy. He also notes that while hospitals are full, according to UNMH COVID-positive patients represented less than 10% of overall patient cases.

In economic-related news:

NM tax revenues are volatile

NM’s tax burden is heavy

NM unemployment rate is among the slowest in the nation to recover

And, according to the Legislative Finance Committee, job losses are dominated by a few major sectors of New Mexico’s economy while government has seen minimal losses.

Finally, Paul and Wally discuss the constitutional amendments on the ballot as well as the bond issues. Reminder: get out to vote!