Tipping Point NM episode 381: Keeping the Lights On, Oil and Gas, Supreme Court and more

On this week’s podcast conversation Paul and Wally begin by discussing the PRC acting quickly to keep the lights on. Does it solve New Mexico’s electrical grid issues?

According to Wally and Paul the United States can best help Ukraine by “drill baby drill,” but Sen. Martin Heinrich says we should double down on “green” policies.

Now, oil prices have soared to over $100 a barrel. Paul and Wally discuss this at length and offer some specific solutions that President Biden should consider, but likely won’t.

NM spent big on ads related to scaring New Mexicans about COVID 19. We have the receipts including exactly how much was spent. 

A prominent New Mexico political columnist took Florida’s Ron DeSantis and South Dakota’s Kristi Noem to task for their approach to COVID, but now it is clear that “America’s Laziest Governors” had the right approach.  Good news as NM’s COVID rate has continued to drop since MLG ended New Mexico’s mask mandate.

Rep. Georgene Louis decides not to run again after DUI arrest.

Biden picks a liberal for SCOTUS, no surprise there as Paul and Wally discuss a few of the specifics. Masks are now optional for Biden’s SOTU address.

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One Reply to “Tipping Point NM episode 381: Keeping the Lights On, Oil and Gas, Supreme Court and more”

  1. Good old Marty Heinrich… nearly as useless as Ben Ray, but with more experience at it.

    The first time he wrote back to one of my letters, the first sentence told me why I was wrong and then the next five paragraphs he told me how wonderful he is. I only subscribe to his newsletter to see what idiocy he is involved in at any given time.

    I wrote to him when Obama drew his infamous red line and dared the universe to cross it and asked him to vote against going to war. Marty voted with the other idiots FOR going to war. He replied to my letter that he would be “voting his conscience.” I told him that his job was to vote OUR conscience, not his own. Not surprisingly, I never heard back.

    He may not read my letters himself, but I do my best to make them entertaining for his office staff; he probably hears about them, which just as good.

    Lots of good info in here – thanks! I have signed up and will continue reading.

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