Tipping Point NM Episode 387: Where’s Deb Haaland?, Special Session, and the passing of Pat Rogers

Where’s Interior Secretary Deb Haaland been hiding?

New Mexico Legislature to convene for special session on April 5. Some kind of “relief” for taxpayers and reconsideration of the vetoed “junior” bill will be on the agenda for the session beginning April 5. Looks like the controversial election bill will not be on the agenda (thankfully).

If the Legislature were to suspend New Mexico’s 17 cent gas tax, it would save motorists $240 million annually.

The ABQ Journal has a three part series on the oil and gas industry and the current energy crunch. They (and the media in general) miss some important points.

The “Affordable” Housing fund passed in the Legislature won’t make housing in New Mexico more affordable.

Albuquerque City Council passed a vaccine mandate ban and will soon discuss a GRT cut.

Paul and Wally discuss the passing of attorney Pat Rogers.