Tipping Point NM episode 431: What to Do with New Mexico’s Big Budget Surplus, Unemployment, APS and Union at Impasse and more

New Mexico has another very big surplus. What should and shouldn’t be done with the surplus money?

An opinion piece by one “progressive” legislator calls out their Democrat critics calling them ignorant or shills for the rich. We discuss.

NM’s unemployment rate dropped to 4.5% in July and MLG is taking full credit, but New Mexico’s rate remains the highest among US states as it has been for 8 straight months. But, as an RGF opinion piece notes, workforce participation remains an issue and the state must encourage people to work.

PNM hasn’t merged with Avangrid (yet), but their marketing materials seem to have. What’s the deal? Is this even legal?

APS and their union are at an impasse, what does that mean and what are the issues at hand?