Tipping Point NM episode 472: Anti-Donation and Free Speech, Bills to Watch, EV Fail, Medicaid Problems and more

RGF/Paul’s case against the City of Albuquerque for its “donation” to Planned Parenthood has officially been filed.

Also, RGF successfully appealed its free speech case at the United States District Court.

A few notable bills coming up in Committee for which RGF will deliver testimony.

Also, the Democrats added $2 million to the must-pass “feed bill” which funds the session. The money will pay for a study of “professionalized” legislature, but this kind of policymaking should be done in the traditional legislative process, not the feed bill.

Build Your Dreams 2.0: Albuquerque experiences another EV fail as legislation is being introduced to mandate 75% of the State’s fleet is electric.

RGF examines the reality of NM’s medical provider shortage in a new report that is part 1 of a 2 part series.

Meanwhile, the amount of money being requested in the latest budget for Medicaid is a positively mind blowing: $10.5 billion. A portion of those dollars are being proposed to “backfill” for an expiring federal COVID program that expanded Medicaid for 100,000 people in New Mexico. Paul had an opinion piece in several New Mexico newspapers highlighting the costly failure of Medicaid expansion in New Mexico. 

Finally, RGF’s Freedom Index bill tracking system is up and running so you can track the best and worst bills (and votes) of 2023.