506 Spaceport Launch, MLG on Energy and Guns, Free College, Tax Vetoes, Hydroelectricity to the Rescue, Debt Ceiling Fight and “Free” Buses

Virgin Galactic says it will launch its latest mission from the Spaceport on May 25. We wish them the best.

MLG recently spoke to Politico on energy. She made numerous factually incorrect statements. Paul fact-checks her comments and wonders why she’d say so many obviously wrong things. MLG ALSO claimed AR-15’s are “automatic weapons” which is not in fact true.

A California city that has banned gas stoves has exempted a celebrity chef and his new restaurant from the ban.

UNM’s budget explodes thanks in part to “free college.” This is on top of an already big higher education infrastructure.

MLG’s alcohol tax vetoes anger the left (and they’re not entirely wrong).

California’s wet winter/spring could save the west from blackouts and brownouts. 

As the battle continues to wage in Washington over raising the debt ceiling Democrats have claimed that Trump’s tax cuts are causing the budget shortfall. The reality is federal revenues rose after Trump’s tax cuts.

Local advocates argue that “free” buses are working for the City. Based on what?