Tipping Point New Mexico Episode 377: Legislative Update, Maskless Super Bowl, DUI Arrest and more

Dem. State Rep. Georgene Louis was arrested for DUI and also facing charges of speeding and failing to show her vehicle registration and proof of insurance.

Super Bowl fans and celebrities attend the game (largely indoors) sans masks despite being in LA County. Kids in California (and New Mexico) continue to attend school in masks.

Numerous (blue) states continue to drop masks both indoors and in schools. New Mexico has not and will likely be among the last to do so. 

More coverage on PNM in New Mexico media. Where’s discussion on the Energy Transition Act? What will happen next?

The GOP introduced a bill to allow natural gas plants to be considered “renewable” and extend the life of San Juan. HB 220 Sierra Club opposed.

Have you noticed the sudden increase in gas prices? We have. Here’s how the Biden Administration has contributed and here’s what the Legislature is doing to increase them:

New Mexico’s AG Balderas signs NM onto anti-natural gas brief pushed by city of Berkeley, CA natural gas ban case.

As the 30-day Legislative session hurtles to a close, we discuss the dysfunctional Legislature and where things stand at this point.

Freedom Index votes are being tallied in real time at the Rio Grande Foundation’s website. How are your legislators voting?

The new City of Albuquerque Council is starting to discuss numerous important issues. Efforts are underway to repeal the plastic bag ban, reduce taxes, remove emergency powers, ban vaccine mandates.